How to Get Your Child to Stop Grinding Their Teeth at Night

Bruxism or teeth grinding is quite common in kids. Although it is common and most kids do it, it needs to stop before it gets worse. Teeth grinding can happen to adults, but why wait until adulthood when you can make it stop while they are young. 

Bruxism is the term for teeth grinding, gnashing, or clenching of teeth. People who grind their teeth are unaware that they clench their teeth whether they are awake or asleep. There are different ways on how you can stop your child from grinding their teeth unconsciously.

Lower their stress before bedtime.

Stress in kids can cause anxiety, and when they are stressed before going to bed, they are most likely prone to teeth grinding. Please help your child reduce stress at night and build a relaxing evening with them to help them manage their stress. Some activities you can do with your child are reading aloud to them, brushing their hair, or listening to soothing music. Lessen the nagging or commenting on them because it can also cause them to stress out. Instead, teach them to communicate how they feel rather than shut them.

Try some stretching exercises to relax the muscle.

Exercise can lessen the stress from children, and exercising can also relax their jaws. A tight or tense jaw is also one of the reasons why kids grind their teeth. Teach them to stretch their jaws for ten minutes at night before bed, and they will feel that their jaws are not as tense as before.

They need plenty of water.

Water is an essential part of our daily lives. Kids should be drinking more water as research says dehydration can cause teeth grinding in children. Reducing the consumption of caffeinated drinks like soda can help prevent teeth grinding.

Let a dentist monitor your child’s teeth.

Constant teeth grinding can cause pain and discomfort to the child. If there is an increased jaw or tooth sensitivity, have your dentist check on their teeth immediately. They will assess the impact of teeth grinding and recommend the best way to stop it.

Ask for a mouthguard from your dentist.

A mouthguard is a good option in stopping teeth grinding. It can help cushion the teeth and alleviate pressure in teeth grinding, resulting in pain and discomfort and damaging the enamel.

Stop your child from chewing on pencils or pens and other stuff that is not food.

Biting the lips, chewing inside the cheek, and chewing pens can contribute to teeth grinding. Every child must learn to cultivate good jaw habits. They need to keep their jaws relaxed with their tongue against the rood of the mouth.

Avoid chewing gums for your kids. 

Repetitive chewing can increase muscle tension and acclimate the mouth to chew, and this causes teeth to grind in children. They need to be stopped at an early stage to prevent more teeth from grinding.

Teeth grinding can pose significant harm to every child. If untreated, it can fracture their teeth, cause them headaches or jaw disorders. Teeth grinding is preventable. You also need your dentist to help you with this dilemma. Explaining the result of constant teeth grinding to your child can help them understand why they need to stop.

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