Holiday Dental Tips for Kids

Dental health is important for kids not only for the holidays but for everyday. But during the holidays, kids are more prone to cavities and other dental issues. There will always be the tempting sweets and candies that can cause dental problems and activities that can make children forget to clean their teeth and mouth.

These are some dental tips for kids to maintain during the holidays.

  1. Make them brush and floss regularly.

The holiday season is the busiest time of the year and also this is the time where foods of different kinds are present including sweets and candies. Kids will always be kids and they will often forget about their dental health. As their parents, you must keep reminding them that they still need to brush and floss regularly. There is no beating, regular brushing and flossing even when they had a handful of sweets eaten. 

  1. Remind them that teeth are not tools.

When we see nuts, we would always use our teeth as an opener and oftentimes we end up regretting this decision. Same goes for children. When they receive gifts, they think their teeth are tools to cut ribbons or ties. This can potentially damage their teeth and this should be stopped early. Remind them to use the right tools when opening presents.

  1. Make them a healthier snack.

The holiday season is tempting for everyone. Kids will have a chance to get their hands on unhealthy foods and snacks. To keep their teeth healthy and away from cavities, make them healthier snacks instead of candies and other sweets. You can add fruits, nuts or oats to their snacks. Also, be a good role model by teaching them what are4 the proper foods to eat.

  1. Prepare a kid-travel pack when traveling.

If you are traveling for the holidays, make sure to pack your kids the necessary things they need especially for their dental health. Their toothbrushes, floos, toothpaste and other dental hygiene kit should be packed. It is also better to teach them to pack their own dental hygiene kit so they can be familiar with what they need to bring when traveling.

  1. Keep their routine.

The best way to keep kids’ dental hygiene is to keep their routine. If they brush their teeth after a meal, they should still brush their teeth even if there are still a lot of candies and food around. Keeping their routine helps them remember what they should do with their dental health.

Kids will always need an adult’s guidance, thus, training them at an early age is necessary. Their dental health will always be a priority so that they stay healthy and dental problem free.


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