What to Do If Your Child Breaks a Tooth

Kids can be rambunctious and rowdy. During the warm months, like the summer months, kids are very active, and they can climb anywhere and sometimes fall, which can cause them to chip or break their teeth. When this happens, not all parents know what to do with the broken teeth nor the child.

Parents go to great lengths to ensure that their kids will have healthy smiles with a complete set of teeth. They make sure that their kids will have regular dental checkups, orthodontic consultations and ensure they are eating healthy. Despite the extreme measures, kids can still sustain tooth injuries that require immediate dental attention. 

Follow these steps to ensure that your child will have a healthy recovery after their dental injury.

Call your pediatric dental specialist immediately.

The first step you should do after you find out that your child’s tooth is broken is to call your dentist. It would help if you had your dentist’s number ready. Oral injuries should be assessed only by a dentist, even if it is a minor injury. You will never know if a more serious injury is present but not noticeable. 

If your child has chipped one or two of their baby teeth, it will not seem alarming at first. But when you notice that your child’s tooth is more than half-cracked, it may cause a nerve to be exposed, and it needs to have the dentist’s attention right away. 

If the tooth that was chipped or broken is a permanent one, it may require a root canal treatment. Teeth can turn gray when exposed to a traumatic injury because the nerve is starting to die. The dentist will assess the situation so that they can execute the proper follow-up care.

Prepare water to cleanse the child’s mouth.

There’s only one kind of liquid that a parent should use to cleanse the child’s mouth, and it is water. Water will help clear away dirt, blood, and bacteria that may be lingering inside the child’s mouth. You must not use other liquid as other kinds of liquid may harm the child or sting the mouth.

Attend to other injuries that can cause soreness, pain, and swelling.

When your child has fallen from somewhere and their face hit the ground, they might experience soreness and swelling. Attend to them as they can cause uncomfortable pain for the child. Apply a cold compress on the face to numb the pain. It will also help reduce the swelling. Cold food like a popsicle can help with the pain. If your kid starts asking for food, give them soft food and refrain from chewing on the side where there is swelling. Some over-the-counter pain relievers can help to reduce the pain and swelling.

Try to replant a permanent tooth.

If your kid has a permanent tooth knocked out of their mouth, try to replant it. If you found the tooth, wash it for 10 seconds under cold running water. Avoid touching the root of the tooth, but you can hold the tooth through the crown. Place the tooth back in its socket and tell your child to gently bite on a gauze, handkerchief, or washcloth to hold the tooth.

Place the tooth in a container if you can’t replant it.

If it is a baby tooth, do the same. If the tooth is still in its socket, wait for the dentist to see it and decide what to do next.

Keep the tooth moist.

If you are going to keep the tooth, you need to keep it moist. You can buy “Save-A-Tooth” or use cold milk, saliva, or a saline solution to keep the tooth moist.

Bring the tooth fragment to the dentist.

If you are going to visit the dentist, make sure to bring with you the tooth fragment. The dentist may be able to reattach it with dental bonding. But if you cannot save it, ask for the next option.

Knocking a tooth is a common occurrence, especially for very active kids. To properly care for your teeth and mouth, regularly visit the doctor. If an injury happens, make sure that the child will be checked by a dentist ASAP.

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