Healthy Alternative Snacks for Kids

Kids love to eat, and the first on their list is anything with sugar. According to WHO, in a global data in 2016, 340 million kids ranging from ages 5 to 19 are either overweight or obese. In a data in 2019, 38 million kids under the age of 5 are either overweight or obese. Parents should start to be more creative with what they feed their children, especially for snacks with this alarming number.

You can’t deny that kids love sugary, sweet foods along with some salty snacks. Also, kids today are not very active. They would prefer to be alone in their rooms and play video games and other gadgets. It is seldom to see children running around, playing games, and becoming more active. This type of lifestyle is also a factor why many children are having health issues at a very young age.

As parents, you need to be responsible for your kid’s health, especially with the food they are taking in. You need to be aware of what your kids are eating and its nutritional value. When kids are not guided on what to eat, they will resort to eating unhealthy snacks. This is where parents need to be creative on what kind of snacks to give their kids.

Here are different healthy alternative snacks you can give your children.

  1. Ice Cream

Who doesn’t love ice cream? Kids always love ice cream. It’s sweet, it’s cold, it’s soft, and it’s so delicious. But did you know that this is one of the causes of children’s obesity? Ice cream is made of milk, cream, and a lot of sugar. It also has a lot of flavors that kids can choose from, making it more tempting. But did you know you can give a healthy alternative to ice cream? It is still a sweet but more nutritious version. You provide them with something delicious without the guilt. You can use fruits as a substitute for the usual store-bought ice cream. All you have to do is create puréed frozen bananas with enough whipped cream to make them creamier. When it’s done correctly, it mimics the creaminess of ice cream. You can also serve fruit sorbets as an alternative. All you need is to freeze some fruit and process it. The result will be a cold, sweet, healthy goodness for kids.

  1. Nachos

You may think that nachos are healthy, but it isn’t. The filling is okay, but the chips aren’t. If your kids are fond of nachos, ditch the chips. There are plenty of alternatives for the chips. You can use sweet potato for your nacho chips. Slice thinly and cook in the oven until crisp. Sweet potatoes are a better alternative than potatoes. You can also eat nachos as the toppings only. Add some beans, cilantro, and meat for protein. Your kids will surely love this new version of healthy nachos.

  1. Candy Bars

If your kids have a sweet tooth, then you know they will be asking for candy bars. You can choose granola or protein bars as alternatives, they are okay, but there are better alternatives that are healthier, such as grain bars. They are more nutritious and tastier, full of fiber, and high in protein.

  1. Chocolate

Who doesn’t like chocolates? Kids dig chocolates, no matter the age. But we all know chocolates are full of sugar and also not good for the teeth. There’s one type of sugar that is much healthier and a better option that is dark chocolate. But kids might not want it because it’s a bit bitter. Another option is cocoa nibs. Try adding cocoa nibs to your kid’s snacks. If you are giving them a healthy version of ice cream, you can sprinkle some cocoa nibs. You can also add them to yogurt, oatmeal, and fruits.

  1. Potato Chips

Potato chips are savory, and kids love them. But store-bought potato chips are full of salt, and they are not the healthiest. They are also oily and not suitable for your child’s health. Have an alternative to potato chips, such as sweet potato chips, kale chips, carrots, parsnips, or beets. You can put them in the oven to cook, or if you have an air fryer, it’s an excellent way to cook it. If you like potatoes, don’t fry them. Cook them in an oven or an air fryer.

  1. Soda

Kids and adults love soda. The carbonated drink when it hits your tongue down to your throat is just so magical and satisfying. But we all know that sodas are not healthy for our kids. It is on top of the list that causes obesity to both children and adults. You can always have an alternative to soda. Make fruit smoothies for your kids. They’re way healthier than sodas. If your kids are looking for that carbonated effect, you can give sparkling water to them. It has a carbonated feel without sugar and preservatives. If you want, there are kitchen appliances that can carbonate any drinks, even water. You can have it and have your fruit juices or water fizzed up and carbonated.

Our kids’ health needs to be looked after because there is plenty of food available everywhere and most of them are not healthy for them. Try these healthy alternatives to give to your kids and teach them that healthy foods are better.

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