I need braces but don’t want old fashioned ones. What are my options?

When it comes to braces, it can be pretty dreadful to have a mouth full of metal for a year or more! But, it is worth it to have a healthy and aligned smile. Most people who find out that they need braces should know that there are other options for their teeth realignment. If you need braces and want to learn about different treatments,  you should continue reading!

What are dental braces used for?

Brace are dental appliances that use wires and brackets on the teeth to put pressure on them, which cause them to slowly move. Most people who have had braces simply have them for the realignment of their teeth. The age to start thinking about braces is 8. Most get them as a young teen so that the misalignment of their teeth can be fixed early with less complications down the road. For some people, braces can actually help issues with jaw misalignment, which can also be a big problem if not taken care of.  

Your Options

The most common option is traditional, metal braces. With traditional braces, the brackets and wires are both made out of metal and are attached to the teeth. The are tightened monthly to slowly shift the teeth and rubber bands may be used to adjust the jaw for the perfect realignment.

Your second most common option is similar to traditional braces, but are much less noticeable. Ceramic braces are braces that are constructed out of a ceramic material. Because they are constructed out of this ceramic material, they blend in pretty well with your teeth and are much less noticeable than your traditional metal braces.

The third option which isn’t seen on as many people, literally, are called Lingual braces. They are less effective and usually longer when it comes to realignment,but they get the job done. Lingual braces are hidden behind the teeth instead of being displayed in the front of your teeth. This is an option if you’re self conscious about people not seeing your braces but keep in mind they can be a bit hard to clean and can be pretty uncomfortable to touch with your tongue. If you ever watched the show Hannah Montana when it first came out, you can hear actress Miley Cyrus’s slight lisp due to her Lingual braces she wore at that time. 

The last option is the one that is truly and virtually invisible. Invisalign is a form of braces that requires the patient to wear a clear plastic aligner over their teeth. Using Invisalign completely gets rid of wires and brackets and all that fun stuff. Instead, the patient will wear multiple different aligners throughout the duration of their treatment until they reach the desired result of tooth alignment. The downside to Invisalign is the fact that it is significantly more expensive than your other options and can only be used to fix minor problems in teens and young adults teeth. They also have to be removed every time you eat which can be an inconvenience at times.


If you have just been told that you will need braces for dental realignment, know that you do have a few options. While some may be a bit more noticeable or even a bit more pricey than others, know that there is no right or wrong, and your orthodontist will help you decide which treatment is best suited for your needs.. All that matters is that you are on the road to having your desired smiles! If you are interested in learning more or to learn if your child may need braces, please visit us at Cute Smiles 4 Kids today!

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